Rising Tides

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. 

Call it the Golden Rule, call it Shine Theory, or even an economic principle. But, when it comes to Home Ec's very existence, it would all be for naught if it wasn't for the inspiration that comes from the massively talented people and businesses around us, going for it with their own dreams, passion projects, and small businesses.

We haven't written a book (yet), but if we ever do, these people would be on our big ol' list of 'Thank You's' on the very front page. Here's a short (but ever-growing!) list of our local faves and far off lovers that we can't stop talking about.

Check them out! 

(in order of appearance)

Art and Design
Dana Miller Photography, Santiago, CA
Urban Forage, Costa Mesa, CA
Lauren Drake Designs, Newport Beach, CA
So Organized, Newport Beach, CA
Beacon Street Art, Newport Beach, CA
Frances Allen, Dallas, TX
CC Hudson, Chicago, IL
Sarah Beth Hulver, Portland, OR
Hoodzpah Design, Anaheim, CA
Christopher Cox, Grand Rapids, MI
Art + Soul Collective, Newport Beach, CA
Super | Julie Eckert, Los Angeles, CA
Mustard Beetle, Los Angeles, CA
Costa Mesa Ceramics, Costa Mesa, CA

Food and Drinks
Foxy Loxy, Savannah, GA
Neat Coffee, Costa Mesa, CA
Daydream, Costa Mesa, CA
Bad Coffee, Costa Mesa, CA
Rye Goods, Newport Beach, CA
Semi Tropic Wines, Costa Mesa, CA
Front Porch Farmer, Healdsburg, CA

Fashion and Accessories
Claire Barnhardt, New York, NY
Spencer Malinski, Brooklyn, NY
Oli Latinovich, Los Angeles, CA
Lindsay Giambattista, Grand Rapids, CA
Hannah Amundson, Los Angeles, CA
Whit, Brooklyn, NY
Sayler Made, Savannah, GA
1011 Makeup, Costa Mesa, CA
Floravere, Los Angeles, CA
Harper Sage, New York, NY
WM Harold Jewelers, Newport Beach, CA

The FAM, Costa Mesa, CA
Teen Leadership Foundation, Costa Mesa, CA
Taylor's Closet, Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Outdoorsy CPA, Literally everywhere, all the time
Pal's Vac + Sew, Costa Mesa, CA
Fabrika, Savannah, GA
The Paris Market, Savannah, GA

And finally... we may not know them, but we're big internet fans of...

Drifter's Fish, Kismet, Drifter's Wife, Blackbird Fabric, Eastfork Pottery, Anna Allen, Ally Rous, Case for Making, Closet Case Patterns, Helen Levi, Cattywampus Crafts, Good Night Day, All Well Workshop, Elise Joy, Natalie Ebaugh, Wiksten, Matchpoint Fabric, Wild Fibre

WHAT A LIST! Boy, are we lucky. If we're missing anyone from our list, let us know! We want this page to be a growing resource. 

(Challenge: whoever you are thinking of right now that is your rising tide, send them a text or an email and let them know)