Tie Dye Workshop, September 12
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Tie Dye Workshop, September 12

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September 12
Ages 16+

It's all the rage... again. Tie Dye is back, baby and serving up some major VIBES. 

Let's make our own Tie Dyed goods for maximum chill for any occasion. 

Times for when Tie Dye is a good idea: 

- In betweensies work and sleep when wearing a bra or a tie sounds like actual torture, but pajamas are a few hours away. 

- A first date. Lay all of your cards out on the table by showing up in a tie dyed ensemble. It says "I might have baggage that you won't find out about for at least 5 more weeks, but I will always be supes chill about you showing up late to our date." Bonus. You made it. Conversation starter for when the 'so, tell me about your siblings' convo runs out of steam. 

- Going to the DMV. I want you to close your eyes and imagine working at the DMV. It's gotta be rough. Now I want you to imagine what joy you would bring to an unsuspecting Government Employee when your number gets called and you show up to their window in a head to toe Tie Dyed Lewk. 

Workshop Details: 

Feel free to bring your own garment/socks/hat etc or have us bring one for you. We'll do the dyeing together and learn some cool new techniques. Students will have the option to take home their piece immediately with detailed care instructions or we can take care of that for you. Later pick-up of those items required. Home Ec will not be shipping or dropping off these items. 

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