Basic Mending and Sashiko Class, October 23
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Basic Mending and Sashiko Class, October 23

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October 23

Chalk this one up to life skills you never knew you needed. Come to this workshop to learn basic mending skills from hemming a pair of pants to re-attaching a runaway button. 

To make sure you leave the workshop with some postable Instagram gold (come on -- we wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!), we’ll also be learning the beautiful ancient Japanese art of Sashiko Mending. This decorative reinforcement stitching is also known as Visible Mending and takes that major bummer of a hole in your jeans into a beautifully cared for story.

WE will be providing the following:
Sewing machines
Sewing supplies (Thread, Scissors, Chalk, Measuring tapes etc.)
Construction help
The time and space to spread out in our beautiful West Side Costa Mesa studio

YOU are in charge of bringing:
A garment that you may want to mend (if you don’t have anything, we’ll provide some materials to practice on)

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