Apron Making Workshop, November 21
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Apron Making Workshop, November 21

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November 21

Close your eyes. Picture Thanksgiving growing up. I'm smelling buttery mashed potatoes and crispy edges of the bread in my stuffing piled high on my plate. I'm seeing my dad butcher -- oops -- I mean carve our turkey. Proudly standing over it with a serrated knife and wearing an apron with an elephant on it. Yes. Don Patton wears a teal apron and purple apron with a friendly looking elephant to carve our bird every single year. It's as synonymous with Thanksgiving as the turkey itself. 

My guess is you have that apron too. The one in the family that gets passed around from person to person, year after year. It smells a little bit like butter and has singed waist ties from that one time you got to finally practice the "Stop, drop and roll."

Well, we think it's time to make another apron. Whether you're planning on keeping it as your own signature apron with pockets in the perfect placement or! an incredibly special gift to give, you'll walk away from this time with an heirloom that will begin a new story. 

We'll be using our own Home Ec Apron pattern (available for purchase soon!) to create your piece. Endlessly riffable, feel free to customize to fit your dream apron needs. 

WE will be providing the following:

  • Sewing Machine
  • All sewing supplies 
  • Apron Pattern
  • Linen Fabric for apron
  • The time and space to spread out in our beautiful West Side Costa Mesa studio

YOU are in charge of bringing: 

  • BYOB!

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