Work Log (I)

Actually Doing It Process Small Business

  • Googled “Google Business Plan” 
    • My suspicions were correct. There’s a template. 
  • While working at Kean, my EarPods died. Right smack in the chorus of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.
    • If I’m going to be a successful business woman, I must bring a second pair of headphones with me wherever I go. Must always have a backup plan. 
  • Without my headphones, I am able to listen in on the conversation of the two high schoolers at the table next to me. They are talking about Etruscan Art and the Acropolis. AP World? AP Art? Unclear. But they are definitely in love. They have definitely not talked about it. I want so many good things for them. The Shins play softly in the background. It is 2006. 
  • Back to the google template. It leaves a lot to be desired, design-wise. Do potential investors care about business plan design? 
    • Of course they do. 
  • “What do you know about Athenian Agro?” he asks. You know you’ve found the right guy when he abbreviates words like Agriculture. 
  • Back to the google template. I think I need to buy photoshop. I miss photoshop.
  • I’m distracted by the thought that the interior of my store must be heavily influenced by Monet’s kitchen. Have you ever seen pictures of Monet’s kitchen? 
    • Here:
    • So good, right?
    • But like… different. 

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