When was the last time you tried something new?

Was it years and years ago or was it this morning? Did you soar with wings wide on the winds of success or was it an epic fail? Did you find your favorite hobby? Did you win anything? Did you fall in love? Did you hurt yourself trying? Do you regret trying it at all?

Arguably, this whole business (Home Ec) is me (Julia) trying something new. Wondering "What if...?" and then following that train of thought until it settled into a place of "Why not?!"

With Fall (almost) here, school back up and running, and my bathing suit tan rapidly fading, I think it's time to re-set some goals. It's not January 1st, but it might as well be. The lazy days of summer are behind us and I am in the mood for a challenge. Are you?

Try Something with Us!
The Challenge:

This month, we encourage you to try something new too! Pick a goal and run with it. Whether it's trying a new recipe, taking a class, learning French or running a 5k, we want you to go for it.

We're committing to trying something new and we hope you do too. And when you do, share it with us! When you tag @homeecshop with the hashtag #trysomethingseptember, you're not only being super brave (because trying new things is brave), but you'll also be entered into a chance to win a super cool prize. What is it? We don't know yet. (Give us a break, we literally invented this challenge like 3 hours ago...) So, we're working on it, but we promise it will be awesome.

Shameless Plug Time!

Try something new with us at Home Ec! Our Fall semester is starting on September 9 and whether it's an 8 week class or a one night workshop, we want to see you there!

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