Pre-Launch Diaries: Monday Morning

Working on my class schedule and wondering why on earth it is taking me so long to push my website live. You know, so people can actually sign up for classes. 

For example, this is a blog post that no one can read. Because only I have site access. Which does make me feel powerful. And like I'm in an exclusive club. But a club of one is also starting to feel a bit lonerly. 

So let's get this dog on the track and see if she can run, baby! 

Meanwhile, I shall supply the future eyes of this post that are now reading this and thinking "Way to go, Julia! You launched the site!" with this weirdly satisfying and also enlightening gif of a how a sewing machine works. 

You after watching that for a solid 2 minutes: "Ohhhhhhh!" 

Me: "Right????" 

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